This Nissan Camper Van Has a Li-Ion Battery

Sussex Campervans might be right. After all, people love camper vans because they are purpose-built to travel long distances. Having to stop every 100 miles (160 km) or so to charge the battery of an electric e-NV200 Nissan camper might work for a weekend getaway close to your home, but not for touring the country. That’s why they offer a gas-powered Nissan NV200-based camper to deal with the range anxiety.

People still want to travel to places without electricity, so they need their own power source on board. Sussex Campervans solves this by offering a Li-Ion battery with their CamperCar VX-E. It’s not just any Li-Ion battery, but the very battery that powers the electric version of the NV200. It has plenty of juice to power your adventures for days, and that’s why all the camping amenities on board run on electricity. Call it the Sussex Campervans version of “hybrid power,” if you will, blending the extended range of a gas engine with the convenience of lithium-powered camping.

The company reportedly created the CamperCar based on the customers’ demand but started with an all-electric version based on the e-NV200. They only later realized that people still want the zero-LPG camping option but without giving up on the range and the flexibility of a gas powertrain. The gas-powered CamperCar VX-E offers a combined gas economy of 35 mpg and an estimated EPA range of 360 miles (580 km), which is more than double the range of the electric version.